Little Axe – Return

Return Release Date: August 26, 2013
Label: Echo Beach
Artist: Little Axe
  1. Ride On
  2. Out in the Rain and Cold
  3. Hear My Cry
  4. Chains
  5. Return
  6. Down to the Valley
  7. Honest I Do
  8. What Have We Got
  9. On the Beat Sound (Slow Fuse Mix)
  10. Must Have Been the Devil (Slow Fuse Mix)
  11. Falling Down (Slow Fuse Mix)
  12. Too Late (Slow Fuse Mix)
  13. Storm Is Rising (Herbaliser Remix)
  14. Ride On (Control Tower Remix)
  15. Hammerhead (Remix)
  16. Another Sinful Day