V/A Rock`n’Roll – Raunchy Sugar The Pure Essence Of Memphis Rock

Raunchy Sugar The Pure Essence Of Memphis Rock Release Date: September 19, 2011
Label: Fantastic Voyage
Artist: V/A Rock`n'Roll
Disc. 1
  1. Jimmy Pritchett: That s The Way I Feel
  2. Jerry Lee Lewis: Ubangi Stomp
  3. Charles Senns: Gee Whiz Liz
  4. Alvin & Bill: Typing Jive
  5. B B Cunningham: Trip To Bandstand
  6. Johnny Cash: Oh Lonesome Me
  7. Tommy Tucker: Loving-Lil
  8. Carl Perkins: You Can Do No Wrong
  9. Lynn Vernon: Moon Rocket
  10. Elvis Presley: Tryin To Get To You
  11. Eddie Bond: I ve Got A Woman
  12. Teddy Redell: Pipeliner
  13. Ramon Maupin: Rocking Rufus
  14. Allen Page: She s The One That s Got It
  15. Mark Taylor: Linda Lou
  16. Larry Donn: That s What I Call A Ball
  17. Billy Riley: No Name Girl
  18. The Velvatones: Real Gone Baby
  19. Marlon Grisham: Sugarfoot
  20. Thomas Wayne: Girl Next Door
  21. Jay B Loyd: I'm So Lonely
  22. Scotty Moore Trio: Have Guitar Will Travel
  23. Narvel Felts: Cry, Baby, Cry
  24. Harold Dorman: Mountain Of Love
  25. Macy Skip Skipper: Quick Sand Love
Disc. 2
  1. Carl Mann: Ain t Got No Home
  2. Tommy Bell: Swamp Gal
  3. Gloria Brady: Play Fair With Me
  4. Don Willis: Warrior Sam
  5. The Morgan Twins: Sittin In The Drive-In
  6. Carl Perkins: Sweethearts Or strangers
  7. Mack Self: Willie Brown
  8. Bill Justis: Raunchy
  9. Carl McVoy: There ll Be No Teardrops Tonight
  10. Sonny Burgess: Ain t Gonna Do It
  11. Billy Riley: Too Much Woman For Me
  12. Steve Carl with The Jags: Curfew
  13. Conway Twitty: Rockhouse
  14. Brad Suggs: Ooh Wee
  15. Jerry Lee Lewis: Hand Me Down My Walkin Cane
  16. Pat Ferguson: Fool I Am
  17. Johnny Cannon: Big Shot
  18. Don Wade: Bust Head Gin
  19. Buford Peek: Knock Down, Drag Out
  20. Warren Smith: Stop The World
  21. Junior Thompson with The Meteors: Mama s Little Baby
  22. Cliff & The Sun-Rays: No Treason In My Heart
  23. Thomas Wayne: This Time
  24. Ray Scott: You Drive Me Crazy
  25. Kennie Parchman: Treat Me Right
Disc. 3
  1. Eddie Cash: Doing All Right
  2. Carl Mann: I m Comin Home
  3. Ernie Barton: Stairway To Nowhere
  4. Johnny Cash: Life Goes On
  5. Vernon Taylor: Sweet And Easy To Love
  6. Jerry Lee Lewis: I m Feelin Sorry
  7. The Four Dukes: Walkin Alone
  8. Ray Smith: Sail Away
  9. Brother Dave Gardner: Mad Witch
  10. Sonny Burgess: The Prisoner s Song
  11. Charlie Rich: Gonna Be Waitin
  12. Bill Black s Combo: The Wheel
  13. Matt Lucas: Tradin Kisses
  14. Donna Rae: Little Fool
  15. Mickey Gilley: Come On Baby
  16. Wailin Bill Dell: You Gotta Be Loose
  17. Teddy Redell: I Want To Hold You
  18. Kimball Coburn: What A Day
  19. The Catalinas: Ring Of Stars
  20. Thomas Wayne: Tragedy
  21. Buddy Shepherd: I m Hypnotized
  22. Gene Simmons: Goin Back To Memphis
  23. Ramon Maupin: What s The Use
  24. The Table Toppers: Talk To Me Baby
  25. Elvis Presley: Baby Let s Play House